Monday, June 20, 2011

Farewell of Marcelo "Matador" Salas.

Hi everybody, in this post I going to write about my favorite photograph. This photo shows the farewell of my idol, Marcelo “Matador” Salas.
It was taken by a friend, Marcelo. The farewell was on July 2,2008; in the national stadium, and I bought the tickets one month in advance, because since I was little I waited for this great moment.
The photograph was taken before the game, in the galleries of the stadium,   it started at 9 pm and we arrived at 5 pm for a good location, and it  was assembling to the friends of “Matador” and to the players of Universidad of Chile.
In the photo, are my cousin, Catalina, I, and a old friend of the school Rocio, besides my grandmother, Hortensia, mi brother ,Danilo, my uncle, Marcelo, and other 5 friends of the infancy, we went all togheter, in the car of my uncle.
I like this photo because i remember that day so special for me, Marcelo always was and is my great idol, I a fanatic of the Universidad de Chile and he is the pride of the Club; also he is a big idol for all the country, because is the maximum scorer of the Chilean Selection, and played soccer in different countries of the world.
The Stadium it was completely full, the game it was full of memories, and plays of the “Matador” at the end of the game, he went to the public to be grateful to all his people. He was very excited. After that, we went to celebrate, all together.
Nowadays Marcelo Salas is an owner of the club “Deportes Temuco”on the first B of the Chilean Soccer.
Regards, Nicole.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi everybody, I hope that you are OK. In this post I going to talk about a great experience that I had, which was “Elvis on Tour”.

Since I was a child, I always admired Elvis, I like his songs, his history and of course he,like a man. I grew up listening him because my grandparents listened too all the time.
I knew there was a official double
 who realice a full  show, where the viewer could feel the same experience that see to the real Elvis.
Just knew this show would be on tour in Chile, I knew that  I should be there, then I told
 the new to my mother and she was delighted with me, and went to buy the tickets, with about one month in advance.
The show was finally on the 17th of May 2010, at the Movistar Arena at 21:00, we had assigned seats, so we arrived just 15 minutes earlier.
The double (the actor and singer Shawn Klush) was really like Elvis, sang and moved just like him, the show was like see Elvis live, also there where 3 musicians and a chorus girl who where of the staff of the real Elvis. We were all impressed with the resemblance. I was the smallest among the public.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hi everybody, in this post I am going to write about a web site that is related whit our carrier, Public Administration, the page is (Library of National Congress of Chile).
In you can find everything about law, history, processing, etc; beside the news and contingencies of the moment and a lot of information about the two cameras (deputies and senators), and I think that is a necessary page for our carrier, because everything must adapt to the laws in the public sector.

I visit sometimes, specially when i have to study for a test of law, because I think that is a simple form to understand laws, and is easier for me, I like very much this assignature, in fact is my favourite, so I try to find all the material to learn more and complement the classes.                                
 There is a section in where the citizens can send questions about their problems and receive the necessary information to solve them. In other section there an option where you can see videos about the processing and listen the laws, making the information more dynamic.
Regards, Nicole.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Fiesta Mechona" A great experience

Hi everybody,  In this post I am going to write about the “Fiesta Mechona” .
The party it was on March 31, 2011; in a place located in Antonia Lopez de Bello in Bellavista.
I went whit three friends Camila, Luz and Jethro. I have my own car, so I take to Luz and Jethro to Camilla’s department before to the party and we stay there sharing awhile whit the neighbor of Camila. We had a great time.
Then we come to the party, and there we find whit our other friends, there were many drunk people, and the place was very small.
 Luz was the queen of last year, so this year she had to deliver the crown, and Cami and I helped her to choose the new queen.
     After that we danced the whole night, whit a different classmates. The music was good.  Suddenly at the 3:00 the music stopped, and the party ended, nobody knew because. Then we went away to Camila's department, and we stayed there.

      Regards, Nicole.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi! Welcome to my blogs, here you can find all my experiences and things that I like and through this virtual space we can be communiqu├ęs. I hope that your visit in my blogs will be funny.
 My name is Nicole, I am 20 years old, I from Chile and I live in Maipu.
I am study public administration and political sciences at the University of Chile, in second year.
I live whit my parents and my brother and my sister and I am the oldest.