Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hi everybody, in this post I am going to write about a web site that is related whit our carrier, Public Administration, the page is http://www.bcn.cl/ (Library of National Congress of Chile).
In http://www.bcn.cl/ you can find everything about law, history, processing, etc; beside the news and contingencies of the moment and a lot of information about the two cameras (deputies and senators), and I think that is a necessary page for our carrier, because everything must adapt to the laws in the public sector.

I visit bcn.cl sometimes, specially when i have to study for a test of law, because I think that is a simple form to understand laws, and is easier for me, I like very much this assignature, in fact is my favourite, so I try to find all the material to learn more and complement the classes.                                
 There is a section in bcn.cl where the citizens can send questions about their problems and receive the necessary information to solve them. In other section there an option where you can see videos about the processing and listen the laws, making the information more dynamic.
Regards, Nicole.


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  3. hello! that website is a very easy to use
    and i found books that i search for the career.

  4. i think that page is very useful to us
    cos we have to know a lot of this topic, considering that we have to study meny laws and stuffs
    kisses :D luv ya

  5. Hi Darling! I think that website is amazing because it's very useful for the whole nation especially for us .
    Love you my friend :D

  6. Hi Nicole
    I liked so much the link
    and I will definetly use that one