Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Fiesta Mechona" A great experience

Hi everybody,  In this post I am going to write about the “Fiesta Mechona” .
The party it was on March 31, 2011; in a place located in Antonia Lopez de Bello in Bellavista.
I went whit three friends Camila, Luz and Jethro. I have my own car, so I take to Luz and Jethro to Camilla’s department before to the party and we stay there sharing awhile whit the neighbor of Camila. We had a great time.
Then we come to the party, and there we find whit our other friends, there were many drunk people, and the place was very small.
 Luz was the queen of last year, so this year she had to deliver the crown, and Cami and I helped her to choose the new queen.
     After that we danced the whole night, whit a different classmates. The music was good.  Suddenly at the 3:00 the music stopped, and the party ended, nobody knew because. Then we went away to Camila's department, and we stayed there.

      Regards, Nicole.


  1. Hi, Nico
    How are you?
    Your a great experience, I like it


  2. ^
    What is this?!


  3. Hey! The party was excelent! And in my flat was like in your pic! Very Skins ;) or not eh?
    We Dance, we smoke, we drunk we are a crazy bitchs!
    Love ya!

  4. Hi Nicole!
    How are you?
    I hope you are well.
    A nice blog, many colours.
    Bye, bye C:

  5. "and the party ended, nobody knew WHY"

    Party hard, huhhh??

    Luz the queen?? NICE!

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  7. Hey !
    we had a good time! don't we?¡
    I hope to share a lot of moments like it on the future, I really do :D
    take care, love you

  8. Hi Dear, we had a great nigth! i hope to repeat it.
    Love you see you in class, kisses.

    Smile to Life

  9. hi! how are you? i think that fine! ajajajja hey! when we go to my picá? jajjajaj bye and you know! c_ _ _ _ a! jajjajaja