Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi! Welcome to my blogs, here you can find all my experiences and things that I like and through this virtual space we can be communiqués. I hope that your visit in my blogs will be funny.
 My name is Nicole, I am 20 years old, I from Chile and I live in Maipu.
I am study public administration and political sciences at the University of Chile, in second year.
I live whit my parents and my brother and my sister and I am the oldest.


  1. Hi Nicooo! Welcome to Blogspot! Your blog is very, very beautiful, I love your pic! Is a pin up girl?
    Kiss to Martina!

  2. Hi Nicole, I have to say that this blog has all the Nicole Alvarez's style

    Regards and see you soon.

    And you never forget:
    smile to life…!

  3. Hey Nicole, hope you are fine :)
    I think your blog is sweetly sexy jajaja
    see you soon..
    PD: what kind of.. xd

  4. Hi my friend? how are you?
    I promised write on your blog...
    see you un classes