Monday, June 20, 2011

Farewell of Marcelo "Matador" Salas.

Hi everybody, in this post I going to write about my favorite photograph. This photo shows the farewell of my idol, Marcelo “Matador” Salas.
It was taken by a friend, Marcelo. The farewell was on July 2,2008; in the national stadium, and I bought the tickets one month in advance, because since I was little I waited for this great moment.
The photograph was taken before the game, in the galleries of the stadium,   it started at 9 pm and we arrived at 5 pm for a good location, and it  was assembling to the friends of “Matador” and to the players of Universidad of Chile.
In the photo, are my cousin, Catalina, I, and a old friend of the school Rocio, besides my grandmother, Hortensia, mi brother ,Danilo, my uncle, Marcelo, and other 5 friends of the infancy, we went all togheter, in the car of my uncle.
I like this photo because i remember that day so special for me, Marcelo always was and is my great idol, I a fanatic of the Universidad de Chile and he is the pride of the Club; also he is a big idol for all the country, because is the maximum scorer of the Chilean Selection, and played soccer in different countries of the world.
The Stadium it was completely full, the game it was full of memories, and plays of the “Matador” at the end of the game, he went to the public to be grateful to all his people. He was very excited. After that, we went to celebrate, all together.
Nowadays Marcelo Salas is an owner of the club “Deportes Temuco”on the first B of the Chilean Soccer.
Regards, Nicole.


  1. Good photo and good shirt
    The best player of history of Chile!!
    hopefully see you in a match